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 High Definition Audiophile amplifier Kit

M400 Audiophile Mosfet, Dual symmetrical differential power amplifier

Direct Signal Purist Concept.
M400 uses  2 pairs  2SK1058/J162
per channel produced by Renesas designed specifically for audio
application. Unlike conventional amplifier, it only require 2 stage
signal amplification to drive these mosfets, hence very natural sounding.
You can feel the drum sticks hitting the cymbals and the piano hammer
hitting the strings'  

130watts RMS  8ohms 
250watts RMS  4ohms
THD : 0.008%  (20 Hz : 20 kHz, 8 ohms)
Frequency Response  4 Hz - 100 kHz
Damping Factor (20-20K Hz, 8 ohms) : 500
Signal to Noise Ratio : 120 dB  'A' weighted   
Input Impedance/Sensitivity : 33K / 1V

Total dead silent at idle, absolutely no hiss or hum at full ear contact with tweeter and woofer at gain of 40X (32dB)
and an input Sensitivity of  1V  for  rated output of 130watts RMS  8ohms 

Complete silence, No  thump or noise during turn on/off . (No relay, Direct output) 

M400 Studio Reference has two pairs  of  balanced input differential..This will ensure accurate imaging of every instrument
and vocals at complex and high energy passages.

Very Low noise selected components throughtout.




M400 mono Parts Description

Very high quality double sided PCB,  gold plated solder pads.  ISO certified
Output devices : genuine 2 pairs Renesas 2SK1058/J162
Low noise and low capacitance audio drivers/transistors throughout
Low  ESR  capacitors
High Quality  sealed  variable resistors
low noise audio resistors

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<>price :  1unit(mono) USD125,
Important - Before you buy, there will be no refund after payment made.
This is a high end product, to protect our customers, we do not keep returned goods or resell them.

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